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If everybody obeyed all the Laws all the time, life would be ... Singapore! Heaven! Dull!
To end terrorism... end Imperialism. x-ray luggage. go on a non-fatwah diet.
When private companies use prison labor ... it's unfair competition for union workers. prisoners can repay their debt to society. it makes us nervous about who's taking our airline reservations.
White Collar Crime is as bad as violent crime. ...but socially acceptable. Does it include cheating on your taxes?
Corporate Crime ... is worse than street crime. isn't really crime. Bites.
"Family Values" mean ... some values that some families hold, that we're sort-of for. MY values. cut-rate packages of Pampers and Pepsi.
Single motherhood? A personal option. An affront to God. Double motherhood would make the job easier.
Fatherhood? A responsibility. A duty. A surprise.
Legalizing marijuana would ... ...empty prisons. ...create a nation of Deadheads. ...make bars smell skunky.
Cause of crime? Social problems. Problem people. Problem people with social problems.
Gun Control ... will prevent crime. IS a crime. Don't Shoot!
What makes people commit crime? Lack of opportunity. Lack of fear. Lack of imagination.
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