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Give us a hand — or any other limb. Tell us a personal story or write a short essay illuminating the politics of a body part — even one we've already covered.

We want to hear from everyone — parents, patients and their relatives, people who work in medical and pharmeceutical fields, people who deal with HMOs, groups like WHO, OSHA, the NIH and other agencies that influence people's health.

You can write about several body parts (like the liver, brain and heart for a piece on alcohol addiction,) all-over or scattered parts, like "skin" or "follicles," and, obviously...single organs associated with a disease, like the stomach, for "bulimia."

Briefly (in 50 to 300 words) make clear what political issue(s) your body part(s) raise and why it matters to you. Base your case on your own perceptions, insights and experience.

Do all that, and your body part will become a permanent feature of VAGUEpolitix's online body.

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