Where Random Violence Meets
Random Justice!

In video arcades you can blow people up all day, and what happens? You win! In real life, fans of the death penalty say, killing killers makes murder a losing proposition. But in fact, the causes and consequences of murder are unclear.

If you kill somebody, you might be killed, imprisoned for life, or go free[1]. And the threat of a death sentence seems no more effective than life without parole[2] when it comes to discouraging murder.

Want to know which states have the death penalty in the United States and how the United States compares to the rest of the world?

Learn more about the death penalty debate. For arguments pro and con, visit the links at Rominger Legal Services' site, but also read Theodore Kamis' wonderful college paper about how other beliefs influence people's thinking on this issue.

[1] Only 45% of all violent crimes now end in arrest. Given clever criminals, busy police, and a Constitution that protects the falsely accused, the average time a murderer serves in prison is less than three years. — The National Center for Policy Analysis, a right wing think tank.

[2] The average murder rate in 1997 among death penalty states was almost twice as high as in states where the maximum sentence was "life without parole." — The Death Penalty Information Center, an anti Death Penalty site.

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