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The Bestseller: A Novel The Bestseller
by Olivia Goldsmith

A novel about the show-biz-ification of big publishing by the author of The First Wives Club. When cut-throat economics warp the book industry, Goldsmith's protagonists — creators of literature and trash alike — struggle to reach their public by any means necessary.

Also by Goldsmith: Flavor of the Month, Fashionably Late, Marrying Mom and Swicheroo

Roger Fishbite Roger Fishbite
by Emily Prager

America's twisted, exploitative Lolita obsession — from Shirley Temple to Jon Benet — told from a nymphette's precocious vantage. It isn't easy to laugh about pedophilia in good faith, but Prager manages. She charts her young heroine's expulsion from innocence, its horror and weirdness with the bite of Faye Weldon and the charm of Eloise.

Also by Prager: A Visit from the Footbinder, Clea and Zeus Divorce and Eve's Tattoo

Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors: Violence, Television, and Other American Cultures
by John Leonard

According to The New York Times Book Review "You can't find a smarter, more savvy, and learned couch potato than John Leonard...television critic for New York Magazine and CBS Sunday Morning." Leonard writes a wild prose line, and is one of the rare left-wing intellectuals who genuinely appreciates T.V.

Also by Leonard: The Last Innocent White Man in America And Other Writings and When the Kissing Had to Stop: Cult Studs, Khmer Newts, Langley Spooks, Techno-Greeks, Video Drones

The Winner The Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race: The Satirical Writings of Paul Krassner by Paul Krassner, Introduction by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Co-founder of the Yippies, satirist Paul Krassner's chapter titles include: "I Snorted Cocaine with the Pope" and "The First Negro President. "Krassner's newletter, The Realist, was notorious in the '60s for publishing satire as fact. "The truth," says Krassner, "is Silly Putty," and he gives it a Swiftian bounce.

Also by Krassner: Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut; standup comedy recordings: "Brain Damage Control" and "We Have Ways of Making You Laugh."

Completely MAD Completely MAD: the History of the Comic Book and Magazine
by Maria Reidelbach

Traces MAD's 40-year history from four-color comic book to pop crit pioneer with a circulation in the millions and no advertising. Its 350 color photographs and 200 b&w drawings include images of every cover. As Amazon.com customer, Kevin Conrad, from Schenectady, NY wrote, "this stuff is the best think since sliced bread."

Hard Time Hard Time : A Real Life Look at Juvenile Crime and Violence
by Janet Bode and Stan Mack

In this short, but powerful book, teen victims and perps talk about their personal experiences of violent crime. It's a moral book that doesn't moralize or preach, but lets you learn from the real-life experiences of others. An American Bookseller's "Pick of the Lists." An ALA "Quick Pick" and an ALA "Best Book for Young Adults."

Also by Bode: Food Fight: A Guide to Eating Disorders for Pre-Teens and Their Parents, Death Is Hard to Live With: Teenagers Talk About How They Cope With Loss, and Trust & Betrayal: Real Life Stories of Friends and Enemies.

From Lenin to Lennon From Lenin to Lennon : A Memoir of Russia in the Sixties
by David Gurevich

A humorous account of adolescent rebellion in the former S.U. The book is out of print, but Amazon.com should be able to find copies for $12-$29.

picture not available Pak: Reforming Juvenile Justice Reasons & Strategies
by MacAllair and Vincent Schiraldi

A book for policy makers about realistic yet humane ways to deal with juvenile crime, with special attention to race-biases in law making and enforcement.

picture not available The Use of Social Science Data in Supreme Court Decisions
by Rosemary J. Erickson and Rita James Simon

Concentrating on decisions on abortion, sex discrimination, and sexual harassment, the authors, writing from a conservative perspective, show that the use of politically manipulated social science data is growing. By offering insights into how data are used by the Supreme Court, the authors hope to show social scientists how to make their research more suitable for courtroom use and to show the legal community how such data can be used more effectively.

picture not available Under the Safety Net: The Health and Social Welfare of the Homeless in the United States
by Philip Brickner (Editor), Linda Keen Scharer (Contributor) and Brian C. Scanlan

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