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VAGUEpolitix is the brainchild of four media addicts. An incredible collection of great, talented people gravitated toward VAGUE and made it happen. We thank all of you for your generosity with your time, your ideas and your help. Thanks especially to Web Lab and Marc Weiss who believed in VAGUE when all was still vagueness.

Concept, Design and Development

Elizabeth Santeix - Executive Producer and Creative Director
Lynn Phillips - Producer and Editor in Chief
Karen Casamassima - Information Architect and Webmaster
Patricia Lee Stotter - Producer
Flex and Iffy - Attitude Engineers


Olivia Goldsmith,
author, The First Wives Club, The Bestseller

Emily Prager,
author, A Visit from the Footbinder, Roger Fishbite

John Leonard,
author, Smoke and Mirrors

Gray Newell,
freelance book editor

Robert Weisberg,
co-author, The Bull Street Journal Parody, publishes in Suck and Gridlock and Load.

Paul Krassner,
author and standup comic, The Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race, publisher of The Realist
See a video of Paul telling jokes

Scot Crawford,
writer/drifter/construction supervisor

Barbara Barg,
singer, songwriter with Homer Erotic, poet and author of Origin of the Species

Deborah Shaffer,
professor of film at NYU and SUNY-Purchase. Her documentaries include Dance of Hope and the Academy Award winning, Witness to War.

Bonnie Dickel Hoffman,
freelance copywriter, lives in Minneapolis and is a mother of two.

Sargeant Steve Brownstein,
of the Chicago Police Department.

David J. Ores, MD
Executive Producer of Medically Incorrect a local Manhattan cable show and website.

Dr. Ron Ripps
serves on the Board of the Connecticut Orthopedic Society and will be its President in the spring of 2000.

Artist Neke Carson writes satires regularly for Night Magazine

David Gurevich,
author From Lenin to Lennon: A Memoir of Russia in the Sixties, publisher, editor

Maria Reidelbach,
author of Completely MAD: the History of the Comic Book and Magazine, has just finished a needlepoint of the human digestive tract

Vincent Schiraldi,
author, Pak: Reforming Juvenile Justice—Reasons & Strategies, director of the Justice Policy Institute; read his policy papers online

Ronni Sandroff
writes on health and medicine for consumer magazines and pharmaceutical companies

Dr. David Hoos, M.D., M.P.H.,
works in New York State health policy development

Ellen Leopold,
member of the Women's Community Cancer Project in Cambridge, MA, and writing a book on the social and cultural history of breast cancer

Dr. Brian Scanlan,
geriatrician, contributor to Under the Safety Net: The Health and Social Welfare of the Homeless in the United States

Janet Bode,
Co-Author of Hard Time: A Real Life Look at Juvenile Crime and Violence

Stephanie Herman
Besides co-managing, Herman writes for the American Partisan. Her column, The Holistic Republican, appears every Monday.

Jana Siciliano is hard at work on a documentary about the history of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Rita J. Simon,
president, Women's Freedom Network; university professor, School of Public Affairs Law School, American University; co-author of The Use of Social Science Data in Supreme Court Decisions (RS)
  Phyllis Kind,
Phyllis Kind Gallery
136 Greene Street, NY NY 10012
Gretchen Bender,
visual artist and director

Donna Evans
lives in New York City and draws pictures
Illustrator, 10 Reasons and Bad Boyfriend Bootcamp

Adam Helms,
digital artist, painter & supporter of insurrections whenever—wherever
Illustrator, icons, Focus on ...

Bonnie Kane, High Priority
computer animator, designer, leader and saxophonist of the band W.O.O.
Designer, Killer App.

Jamie Leo
Creative Director of Funbucket World Creative Corps. For 25 years a New York creative who designs with pixels and pigment. Co-Author of How to Be the Perfectly Horrid New Yorker.
Digital Designer/animations, Walk the Talk

Shelley F. Marlow,
visual artist and writer whose novel is excerpted in the current issues of zingmagazine and New Observations magazines
Illustrator, You & Yours

Carrie Moyer,
painter, designer and founder of Dyke Action Machine—a public art collaboration
Designer, Joker's Wild

  John Plenge,
musician and composer. He has made two CDs on Laughing Owl Records
Audio Designer, Killer App.

Jeanette Rodriguez
Illustrator, 3D Posers of Body Politix

Meg Sinclair
MIDI support

Michael Smith
performance/video/installation artist whose drawing style hasn't changed much since age 8
Illustrator, The Numbers
logo design

Rachael Mackenzie
Illustrator, Opinion-Poll-O


Alex Flores,
K2 Design Inc., helpful JavaScripts

Ira Krivitt,
Lingo programmer, Killer App.

Jessica Sun,
Creative coder, Walk the Talk


Jorge Ruiz,
perl programmer, K2 Design, Inc.
Opinion Poll-O

Cheryl Della Pietra, Copy Editing

Rachel Sherman,
writer and photographer, her fiction has appeared in Nerve, 5_Trope, Web Conjunctions, and the anthology, The Unmade Bed
Associate Editor

Lisa Yellon, Associate Editor

Ellen Rizzo, researcher

  Krista Parris, Assistant Producer

Katherine Thomas, Researcher


VAGUEpolitix is a project of Web Lab
K2 Design Inc.

EDK Associates

The Colorfield

  James Raglione

Stephen, Molly & Casey Gorevan

Anne Mollegen Smith

Susan McHenry

Marcus Fernandes

Christopher Franzese

Melissa dela Cruz

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