[Male Brain]
[Male Face]
[Male Chest][Male Arm]
[Male Sex Organ]

[Male Toe Tag]

W e rule our own bodies, but not quite. Various parts are banned by convention, regulated by law, favored or underfunded by medical researchers and organizations, endangered by businesses, foreign powers, intimates; worshiped or desecrated by fashion. So our power over our bodies rarely goes unchallenged.

Roll your cursor over the humanoids and click to discover the VAGUE politics of the human body.

Then breathe life into our body by submitting your own Body Politix mini-essay. Here's how.

[Female Brain]

[Female Breast]
[Female Womb][Female Arm]
[Female Sex Organ][Female Wrist]

[Female Toe Tag]

XY Brain XY Face XY Chest XX Brain XX Face XX Chest XX Arm
XY Arm XY Pelvis XY Toe XX Womb XX Wrist XX Pelvis XX Toe

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